We are strong, we are soft. We are child, we are (wo)man. We are unapologetic, we are wacky. We embrace our madness and depth and we are never stuck in one role. For we are fluid, like water, always in motion, light on our feet and quick to adapt.

Sustainability really matters

It should be easier for us to be simultaneously stylish and mindful about the way we dress. Ethics and sustainability are the essence of Before 7am.
We use biodegradable, natural materials wherever we can (from buttons to textile, to the yarns we use) an work with recognized certified partners to assure environmental friendly practices.
Our production partner is based in Romania, where people work under fair conditions.

Inspired by the details of garment making

We look at classic garment pieces like the buttoned shirt, zoom in on its details and deconstruct the way it's made. Out of this we find new ways to interpret and create contemporary pieces. Our styles are renewing but always have a clear reference to their heritage.

Our pieces are of timeless charm and have a versatile character. You’ll wear and style them in your signature way across seasons and time.